The Legends Group Picture

a team of superheroes organized by billionaire Victor Crayton, to rid his hometown of criminal activity and act as the #1 crime fighting authority on the planet. Victor sought out only the best of the best when putting his team together, and the end result was 6 super powered juggernauts working together to make the world a better place.

right to left we have--

Victor Crayton - "MacArthur" - his biomechanical suit can absorb matter in any capacity and expel it at his will
Michael Hollis - "fight man" - a master strategist and fighter with the ability to scan an opponents weaknesses
Joan - "Miss idol" - the ex wife of a mythological titan with immense strength, beauty, and immortality
Miles brandon - "spectrum" - has a masterful ability to control light in all its forms
Mort - "Moon Man" - draws power from the moon and wields a magic unbreakable staff
Wood queen - A nature goddess with the ability to manipulate plants and her own physical form
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