Messara Sketches Picture

I love Messy's little robe, but I think he's in for an update. His role in Apres Minuit was useful way back before the revamp, but now... uhhh well, I haven't found a place to put him, and that's depressing. I love this character. He's hopelessly optimistic, full of love and childish innocence, yet has his own solemnity and wisdom. He nibbles on things and pretty has his own dialect.

His ability to act as a doorway between worlds is unrealistic in Apres Minuit now. I know I could retcon him but the solution just hasn't come yet. His innocence + wisdom doesn't seem to fit in the world as it is, either. I can't seem to find his motivations beyond vague and simple "make the world better" notions.

I might place him in Worlds Apart, my next NaNoWriMo project, since that story's going to borrow heavily from Norse mythology, and I can get away with magic and other stuff like that there. As he is though, I've no place for him. Except for little cameos in crowd pictures I've done, like the Guillotine picture, haha.

Poor Messy.
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