Lava-Whales Picture

My friend Wendy sent me a screen shot of the definition of the term Lava-whales, an old Norse mythology "kenning"(which I learned is basically when you, or rather the ancient Nordic people, would use two words put together to describe a thing that didn't have a proper name, correct me if I'm wrong).

Lava-whales was a term for giants.

And we determined that it deserved a drawing and maybe a comic about lava-whales, which we thought ought to be proper whales rather than giants in the way that the anglo-saxons typically imagine them.

And I know that Norsemen and Viking probably didn't wear the horned helmets, since at some point it was pointed out to me, but I wanted to draw them in horned helmets anyway, since that would make it clear to other laymen like myself where this little comic was meant to be taking place.

Again, this comic is for my friend Wendy, as well as for Mandy, whose Norse Mythology homework was the spark of it.
I hope she likes it.
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