D-Day...golems? - Uncolored Picture

I thought of an idea for a story using two things I'm sort of interested in: World War II and mythology-type creatures. Nazi scientists opened a dimensional portal that gave them access to all kinds of mythological creatures and things. In this drawing, the German army is using these stone golem giant things on the beaches on D-Day. They were disguised as bunkers and then broke out as the Allied boats came in. Eventually, the Allies get access to some of their own supernatural creatures, too.

I used my new Wacom tablet (and Photoshop Elements) to "ink" over the whole image. It's helping me get used to using the whole pen/tablet thing... There are places where I will probably add more detail, but this is probably the "final" edition before I try to start coloring it.

I tried to make some of the soldiers in the boats doing something other than just stand there, 'cuz obviously they are aware of the giants at this point. I know it's kind of hard to see the soldiers, but I have fun making little details like that...
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