Judgment Day Picture

Okay, so I know that this ones a little... weird. Let me explain. I got this idea in my head about a week ago but I was having trouble finding the right images to use for this.
My intention was to make an image based on Egyptian mythology, namely the judgment process that takes place before one can move on to the afterlife. So this piece focuses on Anubis, the Egyptian god of embalming and judgment. I ancient Egyptian mythology, Anubis was a jackal headed god who awaited the arrival of the dead in the afterlife. He passed judgment on the recently deceased by weighing their hearts on a scale against the feather of truth. This determined whether a disembodied soul was worthy of moving on to the afterlife or not.
I'm not sure why I have such a fascination with this sort of thing but I'm happy with the way this one came out. I kind of broke away from the look of traditional ancient Egyptian art. Instead of making him wear a traditional robe or waist cloth, I put him in a dress suit and tie. It just seemed to fit his personality. At least I thinks so. So this is like a picture that portrays a more modern image of Anubis seen from my point of view.
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