INVALID - Synkar'queem Picture

I'm mostly posting this for Felldrake and Rahona; a dead Bionicle fan-character, though there's a possibility she's still kicking elsewhere.

Synkar'queem idolized Roodaka and Sidorak (back on an older Bionicle fan-mythology of mine), tried to be both at once, and failed so hard that when people who actually knew Roodaka met her, they fell down laughing. She also had a thing for Pohatu, who under that mythology was a Rahkaishan Conqueror, in other words with Roodaka, Sidorak and a nation of other powerful entities who aren't in Bionicle and against Mata Nui, Lewa, "Makuta", the Bahrag, and a fuckload of other beings you don't know about, but then again most of her profession did, since prior to disappearing Pohatu had kicked everyone's ass and THAT is why nobody in that world got dragged into Spirit Realm politics until Sidorak was given the worst job in the world and had to go sneak into the place that people don't return from, and didn't return.


I'd shorten that sentence, but it wouldn't be awesome anymore.
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