Milo Burton Picture

Milo Burton

Real Name: Milo Burton
Age: 26-45
Race: human
Skin: white
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Occupations: The Crypids (the leader)
Weakness: anything that can kill him
Personality: smartass, responsible
Dislikes: The shadows, the cult of shadows
Likes: mythology, supernatural, paranormal

As a boy, Milo Burton was always scared of the dark. He believe monsters would come out of the closet and eat him. One night he heard a noise coming from down the stairs. He found his father lying on the floor and he encounter a dark shadow. He turn on the lights and the creature die.

Years later Milo Burton established a team called Crypids in which they investigate creatures such as bigfoot, owl man, spring heel jack, haunted places, aliens anything supernatural or paranormal. Milo and his team was one of the few people that encounter the cult of shadow's item (the book of shadows).

In fact Milo Burton and his team was called by the network to come in. The head of Network knew about the book and the cult, and Milo Burton's specialty with Cryptozoology and mythology. Which Milo Burton and his team meets other people that encounter the cult of shadows, these include The Writer/Justice Avenger, Justice Men, the Network and several others.
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