Walter T. Jr. Corbett Picture

Haha. This sucks. BUT IT TOOK TIME 8O And that's making me pretty angry. xD

The lineart sucks, the whole drawing sucks, the painting sucks, the background sucks. Isn't there anything good?
Walter dosen't even look like that! xO
But at least it was a good time-eater. ;'o

Well, Walter is my new RPG charater. ^^ He is like an real rich englishman in is way to talk, and.. yeah he kind of IS one. x) He is an scientist and a professor of mythologi and legends. He's obsessed by vampires and are writing a book about them.
And to get more ideas, he travels to the place were the RPG is taking place. And there, what happend? Well, he gets bitten and becomes a vampire too. x3
He's in a heaven on earth. ;'D
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