Kenku Cleric Picture

A kenku is a bird-like, flightless, humanoid creature.

Despite their birdlike appearance, kenkus lack wings, instead having human like arms, with talons in place of feet. Kenkus are covered in russet-brown feathers and have black beaks, but have a relatively humanoid build. Though more agile than humans, they tend to be physically weaker as well. They have small black beady eyes and are quite light for their size due to their hollow bones. They average five feet in height and weigh roughly 32 kilos.

Kenkus commonly wear brown robes held in place by a sashes of the same color. Kenkus often conceal weapons beneath these robes.

Kenkus have their basis in Japanese Mythology as karasu tengus, where they are powerful and wise crow spirits adept at craftsmanship and masters of the art of Japanese swordplay, or kenjutsu.
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