Map Selection (10 June 2014) Picture

More progress on the Panzabir region, which I think is also going to be known as "the Twelve Cities," since that seems to be about the number I'm going to be able to string out along these river valleys. I've started to mark political borders for each city-state as well.

New place names: Amara doesn't have any etymology yet, but it sounded pleasant to me, and there's a city by that name mentioned in the Indian epics, so there. Varkapura "Fortress of the Wolf," coming ultimately from the PIE root *wlkwo- for "wolf." Finally, Negastana or "Place of the Serpent." The nagas of Indian mythology are a kind of serpent-people (the word is cognate to the English word snake), and I imagine something like them might make a good recurring adversary for the human cities of Panzabir. I got nega rather than naga from the original PIE root, given the sound-change rules I've been applying elsewhere.
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