Through The Mist Picture

Well! Mythology, mythology, mythology! Alrighty. For those of you who don't know, these are Thralls from Norse mythology. They are also known as the Vikings of Valhalla. The Norse believed that, if you died gloriously, as in battle, then, instead of going to Helheim(equivalent to hell) or Niflheim (the realm of mist), then you'd go to Valhalla, or Yggdrasil, Odin's hall. It was a place where you'd just feast and train for battle every day! A warrior's dream...there were female warriors there as well, called Valkyries. However, you were also expected to serve Odin in whatever he asked. Most of the time, Thralls were sent to protect artifacts, such as Mjolnir and Thor's gauntlets and belt. These things are undead, so, no matter how many time you kill these darn things, they always come back with just a touch from Mjolnir or a little poison from Jormungander's venom.

I guess this all started after I watched the 13th Warrior. Antonio Banderes made a REALLY sucky Arab, but I was uber psyched because I could actually understand what the Norsemen were saying when HE couldn't! HA! They were all, Jag ar det fira mannen! And I was like...whoa...cause I COULD COMPREHEND! Yay, Swedish! Anywhos, these are also gonna be in a novel I'm working on. It's gonna be pretty exciting! So...sorry for the rant. Enjoy!

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