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Yeah, I'm still alive but not active anymore. It's a bit senseless to upload something that shows my influences on art although I don't upload any art but I had fun thinking of things that influence me. And I found out that it's pretty much life itself instead of any artist I like. I am not inspired to draw a certain way but ideas of life inspire me to make things in my head visually.

(sorry I didn't put numbers on the pictures)

1. Biology
Science in general is pretty inspiring. The way organisms work was often a great help to create my characters and to justify their physical appearance (e.g. elves are a bit smaller because they eat more vegetables and not very much meat).

2. History/Society
The way people behave in different centuries and social standards, circumstances that led to revolutions or political systems. It influences society in my own stories. It's how human nature and society works and how my characters behave authentic.

3. Medieval Literature/Poetry
I love this stuff. It just sounds so different and sometimes I don't even understand the words but I can feel the meaning. Old High German sounds so cute and the heroic or love themes are nice to read.

4. Philosophy
This is Emmanuel Kant chosen for this. I am a person who is fully convinced of not believing anything and anyone but try to put your own criticism into everything. Prove it on your own, otherwise it's not true. This is a big point that inspires me. Discovering things on my own, having a thought on everything and just get your really own opinion about it. This is the way how I get my ideas, questioning everything.

5. Celtic Culture
It mostly influences the outer appearances like clothes etc. of some of my characters and some cultural aspects.

6. Free Running
This is inspiring for finding very dynamic poses.

7. Timeless Beauty
Natural and timeless beauties ar really really inspiring. It's so catching to look at them and trying to make your own characters look like a pretty, self-confident and proud-looking lady.

8. Geology
It's pretty much the same like biology but it's not how an organism but how non-living things work. (Yes there's physics and so on but I don't mean too theoretical things but something you can experience by yourself). How the different cultures of my characters build their houses due to the fact where they life or what plants are growing considering the kind of earth or even how they look like to fit in the area they live.

9. Military strategy
This is Hannibal going over the alps in order to destroy the Roman Empire. But not only him but also Arminius and Attila that were great stragetists, influence my characters with how such a person thinks or behaves. They often have idealist aims behind their actions and are very charismatic.

10. Bears
As I kid my favourite animal changed every single month. But I love bears for over 5 years now and I don't think this will change aagain. Whenever I lack something, just put some bears in it and it will be awesome. But not only bears but big and powerful animals in general are inspiring. Their power and strength gives the impression of their ability to do whatever they want to and no one could ever stop them from doing it.

11. Mythology
Especially Norse Mythology is inspiring names, actions, outer appearance and cultural aspects of my characters. Mythology in gerneral has always been a interest of mine and is also a inspiration of religion and belief and therefore social behaviour of my characters.

12. Psychology
It's important to have a character that is authentic and real and more human than some super daily-soap character that goes through so much pain and doesn't even need the help of a psychologist or have their minds collapsed or just aren't affected in any way by serious problems. The way a person thinks is a good way to let your characters act and become quite alive by what they do and feel.

13. Native Culture
I love this style and I love their relation towards nature. It's inspiring to see the world like this. Some of my characters got influenced by both their feather-y style and their way of thinking.

14. Middle Ages
Very very interesting how people were influenced back then and we can't even imagine following some pope doctrines that strictly. But of course their clothing style is the main part of inspiring the look of my characters.

15. Ships
So much freaking detail and complexity. So impressive. And it looks so awesome. It makes you focus on little small things and making things more lively by putting that much detail in it. No matter if it's the character's personality or some piece of art you do.

16. Language
Of any kind. Language can inspire a whole picture by words that are so impressive you can only express this with some kind of artwork. Sometimes words and art go together and only make sense when they are not separated.

17. Persian culture
The opposite of those northern things that inspire me but I love the way they handle the desert and how they devoloped their culture. Women there are really pretty with all this detailed clothes. And the architecture is amazing.

18. Sarah
I've done nothing without her since the past 10 years considering artistic things. We always shared our ideas and the way we think. We perfectly fit together. I don't think most of my things would be that "good" if she would have not been part of it, as she puts thoughts into characters, stories, pictures i would have never thought of. And it also works the other way round.

19. Vikings
It's ALL about vikings. They are the main part of inspiring everything I do. I have Persian characters but I couldn't go without giving them viking ancestory. 80% of my characters contain somthing viking. There's nothing I love so much than vikings.

20. Military
It comes right after vikings. I don't know, I have an unhealthy obsession with military things. I can't go without any military character or action. I started someting sci-fi apart from our middle age story and it's 90% about military. Sheesh.

21. Scandinavia
Viking history haha. But no really it has such a beautiful landscape especially Iceland with this huge amount of different places like very green meadows, vulcanos, glacier parts, the sea. Most beautiful places to put your story in.

22. Politics
Politics are a part of mankind since ancient history. You can't have a authentic story without political problems and social circumstances. Politics are the reason why people make war, revolutions, live in peace, have global interaction or trade with other countries. There are always problems but always solutions and they influence every single time in history and therefore me and everyone else and so they influence my stories and characters.

Sorry, I didn't save the images but most are from google, only some from dA but you can find them somewhere in my faves.
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