Some Jotnar Picture

So, more Norse mythology/Marvel stuff. I will now text barf all over the place.

I guess I should explain my whole MCU!Jötunn headcanon. There are two kinds of Jötnar: the Bergrisar and the Hrímþursar. Now the Bergrisar are the ones we see in the first Thor, brutish and seemingly all male. The Hrímþursar are more delicate looking, have hair, and can be either male or female (but only females have horns). MCU!Loki is a Hrímþurs. Bergrisar and Hrímþursar live separately and have different cultures (the
Hrímþursar being more magic based and the Bergrisar are a warring race). A male and female Hrímþurs can breed just fine, but a Bergrisi will need a female Hrímþurs in order to reproduce.

Anywho, drawings on the left are the myth versions and the ones on the right are MCU versions.

Angrboða is an ex-lover of Loki’s and mother of Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel by him. In the myth verse, Angrboða and Loki were very fond of each other (not quite ‘in love’, but fond enough to be the first lover Loki ever stuck around with). Their relationship ending when the Æsir murdered her soon after she gave birth to their children. In the MCU verse, Angrboða magically disguised herself as Asgardian and seduced Loki. She tricks him into creating Fenrir and Jörmungandr in a similar fashion to how he created Sleipnir (more on that later) as weapons against Asgard. She does become pregnant with Hel and is found out shortly after Hel’s birth. Angrboða is executed for her crimes against Asgard.

Hel is Loki’s (and Angrboða’s) only daughter. In the myth verse, Hel is, along with her brothers, raised by Loki in Jötunheimr after their mother’s
murder. On the right side of her body, she appears as a beauitful young maiden and on her left side, she appears as a corpse. The Æsir later give her Helheim to rule as queen. Hel takes the dead Swedish king, Dyggvi Domarson as her concubine. In the MCU verse, Hel appears as half Asgardian and half Hrímþurs. This is because she was conceived while both parents’ true forms were magically disguised. Loki, disgusted at having bedded a Jötunn and fathered a (in his mind) half-Jötunn, rejects Hel and Odin sends her to Helheim.

Járnsaxa is the lover of Thor and mother of Magni and Móði by him. Not one of the mothers of Heimdall in my myth verse. She rides into battle on the back of a giant wolf and fights along side Thor.

Helblindi is the second oldest son of Fárbauti and Laufey and older brother of Loki. He was born blind. Loki is closer to Helblindi than he is to Býleistr.

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