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my Halloween pick...
i normally don't do holiday pictures, but miki seemed to suit some recent events.


when i started Ederinson eagle school, the idea was to have an interdenominational school, that offered coarse from hundreds of fictional cultures, places, and peoples...
there was a problem though. i had mortal people and Molamolin people, but the laws of my world say that any people from anything can be there,

so began the search for fictional creatures and people from various cultures, places and things. from my sisters world, to ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology, Tolkien, harry potter, Buffy the vampire slayer, you name it.

one of the first non-mortal non-Molamolin peoples i added were these. i had no idea what they were, but i made them call themselves, mischievous evil oriental spirits.

so in my my own research, i went on an information dive on Asian and oriental mythology, and came across the Dokkaebi!
there description fit these people so perfectly, i instantly hailed them. between the ability to turn into objects, cause mayhem, be Asian in origin and various other unique magical properties, dokkaebi are essentially Korean goblins...

so know i have other worldly stock characters. my favorite of which is Micky, whom everyone is sure is not his real name, but none the less. he is the tamest Korean goblin in his tribe. and a student at Ederinson!

so now i have my people, i need there culture...
so once more i went on an information dive into the culture of these mythological beasts origin..Korea...Korean language, Korean traditional attire, other Korean mythological things, Korean traditional food, ect...

because i like it when my worlds make sense in the eyes of logic, i like it when things are scientifically and historically accurate, even if it's not real.

art and character(c)to ~thundraforest
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