Fenrir Luna Picture

My very first Neopet.

At first, since I knew nothing about people being creative with their pets, Luna was left red, and abandoned since I didn't go on neopets for about a year.

Then I made a comback.

Luna is the alpha female of a small pack, since the numbers decreased dramatically.

She's the direct decendant of Fenrir, a wolf god spawned by the trickster god Loki and a giantess.

She has a chain around her neck that allows her to change into her fenrir form. But she's not all violent, seeing as she was placed into the safety of another pack, thus, not knowing she was a fenrir.

She has a brother, who is a lot more violent tha she is.

Luna and Akitaruh (c)
Fenrir (c) Either greek mythology or some other mythology.
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