Izanagi Characters Picture

The characters from a new book of mine.
It's sort of sci-fi thrillerish thing.
A project took place thta attmeptted to gentically alter the genes of 5 embryos. Because the embryos came from japanese parents they named the project "Izanagi"

Izanagi ws the name of the first male god in Japanese mythology. The kids were anmed after various deitis that were the children of Izanagi:
Tsukuyomi (not there because that embyro was terminated)

The other 2 - the caucasians were named after christian mythology (i.e Adam and Eve.)

The kis were sne to live in various situations and countries across the worldto be monitored - until they met up and demanded to know about their parents....

Sorry for the extended description - no copying!!!!

All chacters (c) myself
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