Journal 4 -- Unicorn Picture

This is one of the pages for my myth final, the project I've been working on for a while. What I did was make a journal as if written by an ancient adventurer traveling through the world, meeting many mythological creatures along the way. Some of the pages have drawings, and I'll be scanning all of these pages.

This is the page describing him meeting the majestic Unicorn.

The writing says:
"I continue to travel through the Forest, always heading West. I may not know where I am, but I do not mind, since the forest around me is one of the most beautiful, most magical places I have seen in a long time.

Truly, my trip has been blessed by the Gods, for today I have seen the rarest of creatures - the majestic Unicorn. As I was walking through the Forest, I came upon a small clearing and standing there in the sunlight was the magnificent creature.

It had an air of peacefulness about it, and unlike most other creatures I have met on my journey, it had no desire to kill or wound. The Unicorn looked like a magnificent white Stallion, flawless in both build and coat. The sun shining off of it gave it a heavenly glow about it, and the single horn upon its head looked to be the purest white. Luckily the creature did not see me, for it is rumored to be quite afraid of Humans, and would have run off if it thought that I meant it harm. I took a quick sketch and went on my way, once again reminded of the beauty that the world holds."
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