The Theft of Jude's... Hammer? Picture

For #OC-Challenge's Mythology contest!
These are my two characters, Lola and Jude, playing the parts of Loki and Thor in "The Theft of Thor's Hammer".
The story pretty much goes as follows:
Thor finds that his precious hammer has been stolen, and no one knows where it went. Loki asks the giant, Thryn, if he has stolen it. Turns out Thryn has, and will only give it back if the beautiful goddess Freya marries him. Freya refuses to marry Thryn, so Loki dresses up Thor as Freya. Loki disguises himself as a bridesmaid, and the two head down to Thryn's place, where "Freya" marries him. Later, Thor rips off his disguise and takes back his hammer.

Uh, in my version, my character Lola is Loki, and draggifies Jude, who's Thor. (Freya is another character of mine named Jane, Thryn is my twin characters. I don't remember their name, lol)

"Hmmm... The highlights didn't go very well. Perhaps a wig?"
"Lola, this drag thing is really not for me. This isn't gonna work."
"Trust me, it will, darling~"

1 hour 30 minutes, watercolor pastels and prismacolor pencils.

ETA: Scanner KILLED IT WITH FIRE, so I might re-scan it soon. c:
and also, if you have a favorite myth, please tell me. I want to put in another entry, too, but I have no idea which one to do!
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