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Sorry for the bad quality of the pic.

This is the main character of a comic idea I thought up a while ago. He is an ancient egyptian with powers of ice. I'm still working on the name though.

The comic, though still in the thinking stage, is going to surround the ancient world and ancient mythology. It is about this boy, born with powers to create and control solidfide water- ice. He is forced by his parents to keep this a secret but his ambitions to rule as a king leads him to meet the princess of Egypt. This meeting changes the direction of his life forever and a story of adventure begins...

Like i said, "thinking stage" Once i refine his profile, i'll post it.

May 25 09- Boy have i missed this character. I actually still think about him and work on his story now and again. Beause it takes place in the ancient world, this unfortunately means a huge amount of research. Which is going slowly. However, i've already come up with several of his pals and enemies.

Oh, and he has a name: Minkah. As for the Princess, she is Panya. More on her and other characters later.

Minkah and Panya (c) Tegan Dumpleton
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