Juno Picture

I've been wanting for a LONG while to do a sort of reimagined story of Greek/Roman mythology. A sort of "what if all this took place in modern times?" Now, I doubt I'll ever do this...as I don't have the ability to really draw well...but I came up with a sketch today when I was playing around.

Juno, or "Junes", is the sister of Jupiter. She's fairly well known for getting a tad "angry" at her brother's girlfriends--making some wonder if Juno would rather be her brother's lover then his sister. Juno's also very much in love with the idea of marriage (more then likely to her own brother), and gets very VERY angry at those who cheat.

Junes is very petty and very cruel. Once, she found out Jupiter was dating Io--a woman who recently overcame a devestating weight problem. Knowing this, Juno proceeded to have all her friends call her a heifer, like gadflies that refused to let her be. Io was removed from the school after her parents learned that she had attempted to kill herself due to the torment.

You know, if anyone out there who actually HAS some talent wants to take the character and the above story and make a comic out of it...I'd love that.

In fact...

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