Metal-loving Baboons Picture

Name: Kobold
Element: Earth
Appearance: Primate resembling a baboon; talon-like nails cover their paws; ears resemble those of a fox; fur on end of tail fluffs out; eyes always come in orange unless albino
Body Colors (main and secondary): Dark brown and black; dark brown and gray; dark grayish-brown and black; dark grayish-brown and gray
Lifespan: Around 30 years
Height: Around 3 to 4 feet
Weight: Around 70 to 80 pounds
Nature: Live in groups; groups can be made of large family groups or mid-age single gender groups; extremely territorial; talons can cause serious infections if they break through skin; active equally during the day and night
Mating: Males gather various shiny objects, usually metals and ores, and place them in their den; females scrutinize various dens and choose males based on their collection of shiny objects
Habitat: Usually found in forests near or on mountains

This is one of the first creatures that I created for the world of the Kirilyn Chronicles. The kobold in mythology would taint gold with cobalt, but here, it's a baboon that likes shiny things... like gold. And their talons aren't exactly the cleanest things around. Also, they are aggressive. So... Yeah, watch out. I created this guy. Use only if you give credit where it's due, ok?
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