Vulcan's Daughter Picture

I got first place in Computer Graphics with this in my school's Fine Arts Festival!! Yay!


Ok this is my first Photo Manip So don't hurt me ><;

Lol anyway.. the model is my art teacher ^_^ And the brushes are from MissM
BG and statue are from a free stock site (lost the address when my last comp died and I thought it had taken this picture with it but I found an older version and completed it <3 )

Any way the story behind the pic is that she has always been a daddy's girl and her mother shunned her. (Venus and Vulcan were a couple in Greek, well these are their roman names so Roman mythology.) What do you expect? she's like her dad and not so pretty so why would her mother, the goddess of beauty like her?

So in order to get on her mom's good side she prepares a statue of her brother, which is cupid her mother's favorite. And she is very skilled in this craft because, like stated before, she takes after her father.

Now this is my own idea... not an actual part of Greek or Roman Mythology just my thought on what would happen if there WAS a daughter.

Hope y'all like <3<3

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