The Grapes of Tantalus Picture

A little fun with Greek mythology. It always offers the best metaphors.

For those of you who don't know the story of Tantalus, here's a brief summary:

Tantalus was a man who had won the Gods' favor so completely that they invited him to have dinner with them on Mount Olympus on several occasions. When he invited them over, he scrambled for a dish fit for the Gods and saw no better main course than his own son, Pelops.
When the Gods discovered that they had been eating Pelops, they revived him and sent his father directly to Hades. There, he was placed neck-deep in a fresh-water lake with grapes dangling just above his head. But whenever he tried to drink the water, the surface lowered beyond his grasp, and whenever he reached for grapes, they would raise just far enough to escape his clutches. Thus, when something strongly tempts us, we say that it is "tantalizing."
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