Lemminkainen Picture

He is son of Päivätär and strong warrior

Pretty boy of Kaleva, Lemminkäinen
Lemminkäinen is mysterious, but strong character in Finnish-Karelian folklore. He's connected to wisdom, sexuality, water, bees and reborning. As a seer Lemminkäinen travels a new one looking for the space of the worlds and experiencing. Lemminkäinen that emits a sexuality and lifeforce is the one which is only of the jumalas and which has even been able to win the death. Lemminkäinen that wins the death is a sexuality and a wisdom at its cleanest. He teaches to us that the lifeforce cannot be suppressed.

In the nature one could know the gentle presence of Lemminkäinen best during the warm days of the midspring when the heat vibrates up from the country, the bees buzz, the willows bloom and the green begins to push from the hay which has mouldered.

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