with snakes twining in her hair. Picture

"Far from there, by hidden tracks, and through rocks bristling with shaggy trees, he reached the place where the Gorgons lived. In the fields and along the paths, here and there, he saw the shapes of men and animals changed from their natures to hard stone by Medusa’s gaze." ~Ovid, Metamorphoses book VI.

I recently finished my Medusa. She'd been sitting gathering dust for a while. It was really challenging for me to work on the snakes, because I pretty much hate all snakes. A slightly better photo of Medusa. Natural light works wonders for showing the true colors of the painting.

Medusa is part of a planned edition set of paintings reflecting mythology. Please feel free to leave a critique! (unfortunately I don't have the handy form).

Detail found here: kyouen.deviantart.com/art/with...

©kyouen (A.L.F) 2013. Watercolor 18x24.
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