Kool Moe Dee - On The Cross Picture

Bascially this image shows 70-80's rap star Kool Moe Dee being nailed to the cross to pay for all of humanity's sins. Anyone farmiliar with Kool Moe Dee's work will either find this picutre to be appropriate or way off base (basically emotions will run the whole specturm). While this picutre does not necessarily compare Kool Moe Dee with Jesus Christ, perhaps it is necessary to compare them both on the same level, that is to say consider Kool Moe Dee a prohpet and saviour for all mankind and all that. Frankly one should be open to the idea that Kool Moe Dee holds no less of a mythological and historical place and is no less of a deity, albeit a modern one, than Christ was in his day. Expect more to come concerning the mythical trials and tribulations of Kool Moe Dee.
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