The Twilight Crane Picture

Yay my 1st submission!

This was for my school art project but I have doubts on the mark I might get for it and the others…

Well at least I finished it which is a major accomplishment cause I never finish ANYTHING!
This work is based on the myth of the Twilight Crane「鶴の恩返し」in the Japanese mythology. I hope I did it justice…

As you can tell I draw A LOT of inspiration from Aya Kato my fav artist at the moment so yeah I guess you can call it sort of a ‘fanart’? (hides) it resembles her “little red riding hood” illustration in terms of pose and other aspects…


Pacer 0.05mm
Quill +Brush + Ink
Crappy Paper

© The Twilight Crane by Savvy-S

Please don’t steal, copy, distribute etc. without permission from the artist him/herself. It’s a crime truly
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