Greek Chaos Picture

I have successfully documented an embodiment of Greek chaos.

I cannot take full credit for this. I merely photographed what my ADHD-ridden, completely insane, Greek & Roman Mythology teacher had created. These are his actual lecture notes. All his classes are like this. He uses way too much chalk, and most of it ends up on his clothing. He scribbles things down in a script few can decipher. He makes complicated geneology charts in between other keywords he's randomly placed upon the board. There is no logical order here! It's complete anarchy! Up is down, L's are P's, a mother's son is also her brother (though that's not the teacher's fault, mythology is just effed up like that), chalk is a fashion accessory, time moves backwards, underlines are meaningless, and arrows are EVERYWHERE.

I wish I would have been able to capture the boards to the left and right of this one, so that you could get a complete scope of the insanity, (the first snapshot in the middle of class was already conspicuous enough) though this captures the core of it...and the essence.

This class gives me nightmares. *twitch*
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