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SB: 200
Minimum increase: 50
AB: 1000
Auction ends 48 hours after last bid, please ping the person you outbid.
Daemons are my private species, and the owner of this character must agree to follow the species guidelines when it comes to naming and breeding this character. Daemons are derived from real animals, so no wings or magical powers such as lightning eyes or fire-breath is permitted on this character.

Species: Agathodaimon
Gender: Female
Name: Alexia Lenore
Human Age: 23
Place of birth: Greece
Cause of death: Hanging

Species info: Daemons are the spirits that, after living out their human life, are selected by Zeus to serve him in the after life. Those chosen have usually died early in life, and have shown unwavering devotion to the Greek Gods, even if it costs them their life. Daemons are nothing more than disembodied souls that take up residency in recently deceased animals. The only way to tell a Daemon from any other animal is by the unnatural markings that appear on the pelt. Daemons can take the form of any animal, however they tend to choose a host that represented their spirit animal in their human life.

Roles of Daemons depends on the soul's personality. They can be nature spirits, who tend to the rivers, streams, and forests, or muses, who inspire humankind and keep the faith in the Gods alive.

Daemons' eye color is always the same; it will always be the color their eyes were as a human.

Daemons, while greatly needed by Zeus, had become too powerful in the God's eyes. When one young soul dared question the God's authority over them, Zeus ordered that the Daemon species be exterminated. This can only happen by killing the soul in fire. Out of the several hundred thousand Daemons under the God's rule, only a small percentage managed to escape. Agathodaimons were the older, more experienced creatures, and because of their many centuries of faithful service to the Gods, were allowed to return to earth without fear of persecution. However, they had to live for the rest of eternity in the bodies of animals.

Some Agathos took it upon themselves to shelter the younger Daemons from Zeus' wrath. In order to do this, the had to split the soul in two, forming an entirely new sub-species of Daemon.

There will be more to come about the species, but this information is all that is needed in order to create an Agathodaimon.

If you have any questions about the species please feel free to message me!

The owner may change the gender, name, age, and eye color of the character, however eye color and name must be human in nature. The character can reproduce at the same rate of other big cats, but the offspring will not carry any of the Daemon genes.
By purchasing this character you agree to follow all species guidelines. Failure to do so will result in repossession of the character. Reselling is not allowed.
A larger, un-watermarked version will be sent to the winner of the auction. And you may re-post as long as the character is linked back to me.
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