Hagr and Rina Picture

Two more deities from Proma's pantheon, and that means: Hunker down kiddies! It's story time. First off I would like to say that Proma, the god of Lies is a dick. >.< Yes, blah blah blah, god of falsehoods and all that, lies to everybody. But I didn't expect him to lie to ME!! He told me that Hagr (Silent 'R' for some reason. pronounced Hag. rhymes with bag). He said that Hagr, the god of truth was ugly and a hermit and a jerk. Well he IS a hermit, but ugly?? He's freaking ADORABLE!
Like, TOTES adorbs y'all! <-- channeling a valley girl.
As for a jerk... He and Proma hate each other something FIERCE. So much so that I gotta wonder if they aren't both massively overcompensating for a mutual attraction that neither of them is comfortable with. >_>

But enough about THAT! This is Hag and Rina. Being the god of truth SUCKS. Since you could ask him point blank "what are you thinking about in this picture?" and he would HAVE to answer HONESTLY. He cannot lie even when he wants to. And he can't turn it off either, meaning he'll tell you when you're lying to yourself and generally just make you want to kill him after about 30 minutes of conversation, oftentimes sooner.
As a result, he frequently wins the Least Popular God Award (which only exists to award to him in the first place) And he lives a life of seclusion mainly to save them the trouble of avoiding HIM. He's really terribly lonely.

Rina, on the other hand is an enigma. I know her background, but none of the gods did. And if I don't write it down here, then it's not set in stone. Which is good. I have a feeling it's going to change. -_-; She showed up one day from no-one-knows-where. No one knows what she's supposed to be the goddess of, but she's cheerful and friendly and a total looker and had no shortage of friends and admirers from the get-go. She was infatuated with Fan Dorn, the ruler of the gods (Alnd Hagr's brother) but he was oblivious to her affection and at the time, got engaged.
The first time Hagr actually got to talk to her, she was utterly heartbroken. Through some miracle of careful conversation, he actually managed to comfort her when she was feeling her worst. He asked to spend more time with her and she went to go think about it. She actually went to go talk to the Oracle of the gods, a friend of hers, about whether they could have a relationship since the oracle knew who and what she really is.
Signs pointed to "no". So she decided to break up with Hagr before it even started since eventually HE would find out what she was and that she'd been lying about her identity. Since he cannot STAND lies, she reasoned, he would hate her because of it. Either way she had to break his heart, but at least she didn't string him along knowing full-well that she would hurt him beyond repair.

She left and he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since. ._.
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