Sarano Picture

Sarano, the god of earth, agriculture and strength

It is well known that the gods of Angelis, the sons and daughters of Wraknot and Carnisas enjoys to bath in the splendour of their divinity with great palaces, rare jewellery and seemingly unlimited power but Sarano is the only one who does not adore the dream of eminence. Nature and the earth are the riches of his, the trees form the columns, the grass is his carpets and the rocks is his throne and an apple is as pleasing as any jewel in his eyes. Sarano is a simple being of his nature, but never inherited as much wisdom as the rest of his siblings but his heart is most pure from deceit and resent. He is greatly praised by harvesters and farmers, as they believe if they satisfy Sarano, he will bring forth a season of earthly prosperity upon their harvests, Sarano himself is reckoned to be a handy gardener and often spends a lot of time in the garden of life, an unreachable sylvan sanctuary where every year, plants are grown in great numbers, exotic as common. Kirosana, the goddess of the feast and Saranos’s sister, always entrust her brother to plant her grapes in the garden so it can be made into Kirosana’s lovely passion; Wine, and more wine.

Sarano has been adored by many of the goddesses for his masculine, quite massive form and caring thoughts but mostly resented because some does not see him very interesting. But only Ajarona, the white goddess of the sky finds him to be a significant mate of love and understood him, and for a while these two were one. However, gossip plays a momentous role in the heavens and Pasotox, the fiery god of the flame discovered the secret bond of Sarano and Ajarona and the rumour spread like fire on dry grass and soon all of his siblings knew of their furtive love. The result would be greatly dire for Sarano as he had to endure the burden of disaster he and Ajarona had unknowingly brought fourth. The sky and the earth of Nezar, the world of mortals was about to collide and flatten anything between them, now Sarano was forced to intervene and positioned himself in the midpoint of the surface to press the heavens away from the ground and so he saved Nezar from complete destruction but his sentence was not yet complete and long he stood there, still like a giant statue, almost motionless. Ajarona cried unendingly for what she had put her beloved brother in, any attempt to comfort her was utterly futile and Nagastia, the goddess of love eventually convinced Wraknot to release Sarano and grant him redemption. The sky was secured by placing four giants in all the corners of Nezar to uphold the sky. Sarano and Ajarona however, ended the bond in fear of another disaster.
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