Loki and the Huntsman Picture

So this is my version of Loki, the red headed one because I know there is a lot of fan art of female Loki's. (Sexy fan art by the way.)

So this is Loki and Jude (She's the one that I used as a base for Jesse when I first started Coffee, Kidneys, and Cheesecake, except that Jesse is small and not a semi-badass.)


Jude: She is a Huntsman, which is just saying that she's apart of a secret organization that keeps track and defends against the supernatural world. When I was first writing this I was reminded of red riding hood. As a child she was blessed with the ability to be able to fight (Not like super crazy good but still good enough to wrestle with Loki.) and it also helps that she is huge with a lot of muscle on her. The scars she carries are from her work. She has multiple bite marks from different species and cuts or stab wounds from the creatures that have attacked her. She stands at about six foot, just under Loki's nose, and is twenty seven (Got into the business at a young age after her father died) Her specialties are with a bowie knife and guns. Her favorite is her Bowie since it has the Crest of the Huntsman.

Loki: Loki is the God of Fire, Lies, and Mischief. (I know there are different saying about it but I'm going with this.) He's an ultimate magic user but forgets things a little too easily and has a temper. He's rowdy and starts fights at the strangest times or ends up insulting Jude to try and isolate her. He's also manipulative and cunning, and very possessive over things or people he considers his.

This is a scene from one of the Novels that I'm writing and the title is well the title of this picture lol. This scene takes place after Jude and Loki have a fist fight in the middle of a huge camp because he forced her into a tournament in order to get the magical restraining order off of his daughter so he could go see her. Anyways, Loki appeals to her humanity and the fact that she needs him in the future for an upcoming war between supernatural beings, super humans and humans. (He actually made that up because the Norns wont talk to him and he knows that she would sacrifice herself for the greater good of her people.) Unfortunately, after they talk and he shows them what they did to him (He paints himself a victim since she doesn't know too much about the real history behind any one at the camp.) she accepts the offer and decides to fight with him in the tournament.

Wow that's a lot...

Anyways these characters are mine and please don't use them unless you ask first. Thank you.
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