Marlina Camera Pic Picture

Yeah I'm happy with this picture but it doesn't look too good from my phone camera.

Hopefully soon I'll have a better one

Name: Marlina

Age: A few thousand years old but looks like she's only 28

Sex: Female

Race: Gorgon

Skin: Green

Eyes: Black, the iris is yellow but the only time you'll ever see her eyes is if she takes off her sunglasses

Hair: Snakes in a bun with some lose snake strands

Occupation: Psychology professor

Personality: Vain, is a bit high and mighty, likes to feel superior

History and their reason to join LU: The youngest of the Gorgon sisters, Marlina was always put down and developed a bit of an inferior complex, so she does what she can to prove that she's better and badder than everyone else. She has several different college degrees since she's lived for so long but has a PhD in Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. Marlina joined the LU staff after moving away from her last town where she turned her last boyfriend into a stone statue when she found out he was cheating on her. Marlina hasn't had the best love life and is now trying to start a new life at a new place...Again.

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