Zix and En Gods of Death and Punishment Picture

Zix is the God of death and Judgement.
En Is The God of Punishment. He was the brother of
Satan, Zix thought he was beautiful in his younger years,
before the human world was ever created or earth, so Zix took En as his mate, then turned En into a full fledged God by giving him his blood and seed, it is a rather painful processes. To become the God of Death's mate.

En truly loves Zix and always wants to be with him as well thought Zix was beyond beautiful, he seemed to hold all of the power in his hand. It has been wondered if perhaps Zix is more powerful and wise then even the God of Creation.

Anyways Zix has no reason to worry about being modest infront of souls or anyone for that matter, he wears his black robes but they slip off his shoulders rarely dose he keep them tied En wears red shorts. With golden rings in a belt around his wasit, he has a red whip at his side.

Zix will often be seen flooping his leg or arm over En's leg or have one arm wrapped around En's. Both Gods love to touch one another.

Between all the love making the beautiful Gods do with one another, They still are able to keep the balance with the souls and send them all to there rightful places.

Zix and En are my own orginal creations.
SB 2011
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