Super Robot Reimu Impact Picture

I have long found Reimu Hakurei from Touhou, and Mystic Ninja Goemon from Ganbare Goemon, to be very similar characters. My inspiration for this came from that fact of how similar they are. So I decided to draw what it would look like if Reimu had her own Battle Mecha, similar to Goemon's

Well here you have it, the Super Robot, Reimu Impact. This massive mecha is modeled after Super Robot, Goemon Impact, but more Reimu styled. I would imagine some of Reimu Impact's attacks to include Yin-Yang Beam, Chain Miko-staff, Coin Shots, R-Kick, and Hakurei Punch. Standing on the shoulder here is Reimu herself, who would be the designated pilot of this Robot, and also gives a size reference to how big Reimu Impact would be.

I have long been a fan of both the Touhou series and the Ganbare Goemon series, and I have found both of them to be very much alike. Both of them have similar storylines, take place in a similar Mythical-Japanese land, have similar characters and enemies and monsters much more. I just had to express this in an artwork somehow, and this is what I decided on.
Goemon Impact was one mech I enjoyed a lot in the series, and I'd love the Mech Battle stages, where Goemon would pilot Goemon Impact and face against a colossal-sized threat.

I'm actually surprised that I have barely seen anyone attempt this sort of crossover before, even though the series are so similar. I like how I did the shading here, especially on Reimu Impact's orb-like arms. Reimu was sort of hard to draw that small, but I think I still succeeded. The background looks actually somewhat impressive too, better than my usual BG's. I'm quite happy with this too. I bet any Goemon or Touhou fan will love it just as much as I do too. Also a little fun-fact is that while drawing some of this one, I actually was listening to the track, "I Am Impact," to help motivate myself.
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