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I decided to start uploading the third redrawing of my first manga ^^ I started the story back in 2005 when I started secondary school (the plot takes place in that year). Since then the style ([link], the story and the characters changed a lot and now finally it became a whole (at least in my head). I'm now inking page 18 and I didn't make any scetches about how many pages long this chapter will be (I usually don't plan out anything about the page drawing... it just comes XD) but I think it will be around 40 pages. I plan to upload one page a week (I know myself... If the uploading catches up with the drawing I'll stop doing anything... I'm horrible >__<) and I don't know if I'll draw any chapters after this. No matter how better it would be in manga form, I want to write it as a book series (but just after By the Wings of the Wind). But I'll think about it when I finish the first chapter. Too much talking! Back to drawing! XD *looks at clock* After I slept X'D

p.s.: I still have to find it a new, better title...

01 - you are here
02 - [link] 03 - [link]
04-05 (cover) - still working on it
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15 - coming soon

Hungarian version/magyar verzió: [link]

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