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#97 What it means to be a leader

In order to be a good leader, a person must always be prepared for the worst, show no fear (even if she feels it), face fears, stand firm, and most importantly TAKE ACTION. Norwegian Opera singer, Norell Marten, portrays these aspects, not only as the role of Brunnhilde, but as an every-day survivor.

Norell Marten is my bat version of Brunnhilde, who happens to be my favorite character from Norse legends. I drew her to be one of the characters in my "Fidget Descendants" cast. In my original back-story (which remained incomplete), Marten plays a sidekick role as a jewel thief and adversary to crime boss Boris Rustakov. As a distracting front, she is an Opera singer (soprano), best known for her role of Brunnhilde in Richard Wagner's Die Walkure. But since I haven't been working on my Fidget site or anything Fidget-related, all I had of Marten were a few line-sketches. This is actually one of them, re-drawn via CorelDraw. Furthermore, I'm now treating Norell Marten as a character separate from the Fidget/GMD realm and placing her in a leader role instead. The rest of the details I have yet to work out.

Well, it looks like I'm back to work on my 100 Themes challenge again. Only 10 more themes left to go!
Character model(s): Brunnhilde, Kirsten Flagstad

©2007 by Leila Acevedo (a.k.a. Reyelene)
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