Freeform Picture

And that shadow, darker than all others

plucked one hair from its head
which became the first blade of Asphodel grass

shed a single tear
which birthed the Styx

screamed three shrill cries
which tangled together to form the Feuries

and drawing its silver blade,
brought forth one drop of vermillion blood

which was a grave mistake

Ah, yes. I am once again (for better or for worse) engaging myself in one of the most complicated stories I've ever had the misfortune to befuddle my brain with.
Come to think of it: this story doesn't even really have a title, does it?

Suggestions below???

Cerberus in one of her many childlike states.

Though she did progress to adulthood from an embryonic state, like most beings: Cerberus has a fluidity to her form that is actually a bit complicated...
In fact, Elijah is the only person who sees her as I've been portraying her in all of my drawings.
Because, you see, Cerberus takes the form of whatever the human soul needs to ease their accepting of the unending nothing that is the afterlife. She can be bloody mist, an elderly man, or even the fabled three-headed dog, but that is entirely dependent on the viewer in question.

She is the so-called "beauty" of Void, and is therefore "in the eye of the beholder." Even if that is a rather disgusting form.

Most wraiths rarely see her more than once in their never-ending nothingness, but Elijah (much to his dismay) is in her constant company. And his stubbornness towards accepting his fate creates a bit of a disconnect. This basically means that her form, even in his singular eyes, sometimes differs. (Childlike, male, animal-esque, etc.)

And that is the least confusing description I can give.

Anyway. Cerby.


I'm back.

Still not really in a good place.

Oh well.


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