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Terophite- God of the land and one of the three great creator gods. In the Asnorit myth of creation, the three gods Terophite, Stratokus, and Pherata combined their powers into one to create the world and the beings that inhabit it. Terophite forged the land and with Pherata’s water gave birth to the first plants. He placed many special metals and gems in the earth for those who show effort and determination to explore. He bestowed some of the his gifts to his children like Haethanine who was born with his plants, Loiata, who was born with the help of her elder sister and protects the forest and its animals, and Ifaetari, who watches over the people of the desert lands. He is portrayed as a large, muscular man with long pale green hair and beard like vines or grass leaves, with eyes like emeralds. It is said his skin is almost like bedrock. His symbol is a dark brown mountain with a green peak. His corresponding animals are the beetle, the great mole, and the drake.

Another pantheon page, and another creator god. This time it's the titan of Terrafirm, Terophite. I really enjoyed doing him in design. I'm rather pleased with how the stone texture came out on him. I used a special tutorial on how to get a stone texture right and I think this is best. Terophite also vaguely reminds me from how he turned out, he reminds me slightly of the Nome King from Return to Oz. Please Enjoy.

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