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Sorry I havn't put up any orginal art in a while, I havn't been home lately (been working, infact I'm doing this at work LOL >3< No worries though, it's a Collage Media Center, so all I have to do is clean, watch for supsious wrong-doers and blah blagh blah lol XD )
anyways this [link] tells everything about Kirana , other thank her History , so this one of Kirana will be dedicated to filling in the blank of her past. (Which is extremly long) So sit back with some popcorn if you're willing to read it LOL
History: Due to her species being in danger of …well becoming an endangered race, Kirana’s mother had her father (Kirana’s grandfather) take her away to some place safe.(Kirana’s mother knew that Kirana would be safe with him because he had been trained in Starfleet and was Chief of Security on his ship for 30 years.) Soon after they left, their planet was destroyed. Kirana’s Grandfather, Mohehi, tried desperately to keep his granddaughter safe, but where ever they went, a bounty hunter always seemed to be behind them. So, in desperation, Mohehi sought out aid from an old friend. With this “old friend”, Mohehi and Kirana were able to travel back in time. The only thing at the “old Friend” asked of Mohehi was that he not change the past in any drastic way. (Which meant no going back in time to try and save their planet.) With this in mind, Mohehi choose to settle the two of them on earth. (The time period is the late 19th century. The time of Cowboys and ranchers.) Mohehi build a ranch with lots of acres and was quite a ways from any towns, so that they had as little contact with people as possible. He made sure to have livestock and crops so that they could live easily in isolation. He decided that he would never tell Kirana anything about the time she came from or that she was part alien. (Mohehi is a Bak’ku which is a humanoid species and actually looks just like humans, but are a bit more advanced in their thinking process. Which means they didn’t have to worry about disguising themselves.)
But later on Mohehi found himself telling Kirana about different alien races and about Starfleet, but he put them in a way that it was as if he was telling her stories and myths. So Kirana never knew any of the stories or aliens were real.
It wasn’t until the time of her 18th birthday that she found out all the stories were true. It was a day like any other day. Kirana had finished her work out in the fields and had ran out of books until her Grandfather went out to buy some more. With no chores and no books, this only left her time to enjoy the outdoors. In which she embarked on exploring the many acres of the ranch. Other than learning, exploring was her favorite hobby. She loved finding new things, and this day was no exception. So when Kirana found a strange puddle of green, her curiosity got the better of her. She followed a small trail of the green liquid until she came upon a man in the woods (on the outskirts of their ranch it’s surrounded by woods, also good for isolation.) The man was leaning on a tree and holding his leg, which seemed to be covered in the green substance. He wore a bright blue shirt which struck Kirana as odd, due to the fact she had never seen any clothes made with a bright dye. She watched him as he tried talking into a strange device. She tried to get closer to hear what he was saying but ended up stepping on a twig, which snaps and alerts the man. He turns to her direction. And instead of the normal fight or flight response , Kirana steps forward and holds her hand out. “Hello there. My name is Kirana. Are you in need of assistants ?” (she speaks kind of funny because her Grandfather uses big words(only when he’s around her) and she has read the dictionary 50 times, no joke =w=;; ) The man quirks an eyebrow at this act, but he weakly takes her hand and shakes it. Kirana notices how pale the man looks. “Hello, Kirana. My name is Spock. It would seem that the logical choice of action would be to accept your aid.” With this being said, Kirana takes the opportunity to take Spock’s arm and put it over her shoulder, so he can lean on her for support. “Well then, Mr.Spock, my abode is up quite a ways. We should get started; otherwise we won’t reach it til dark.” She adds a smile and begins a slow pace so as not to further injure Spock. He only nods and silently marvels at this strange girl.
Once they get to the house, Kirana patches him up and doesn’t make any remark on the green coming from his wound. When her grandfather comes him, he is first shocked then enraged. He asks where Kirana had found such a strange and why she would bring him back to their house. She explains that she was worried that if she didn’t help him then one of the wild animals would have taken advantage of his weaken state and he would have died. Mohehi notices the Starfleet uniform and stops complaining (but it doesn’t stop him from grumbling.) As soon as Kirana goes to clean up and make supper, Mohehi glares at Spock. “Don’t tell the girl nothing bout Starfleet. Got it?” This makes Spock raise his eyebrow for the second time that day. “…Yeah, I know where you’re from.” Mohehi’s eyes seem sad and distant. “What ship ya from?” He looks at Spock with less aggression. “I am from the star ship Enterprise.” “No sh*t?!” Mohehi looks surprised and excited. “They actually got her runnin? Last I knew they were still building her!” Spock becomes intrigued. “You were present during the building of the Enterprise?” “Hell, I was more than present, kid. You can thank me for those ion engines; I helped with the design of those. Though, I wasn’t much help when it came to the formula of using them.” “Thank you.” “…So…Spock, what are you doing so far from your time zone?” “I would like to infer the same to you, Mr. Mohehi.” “Sorry kiddo, that’s classified til I know I can trust you.” Spock resisted a twitch from being called “kiddo.” -- Anyways Spock goes on to explain that while in the heat of a battle, over Earth, he was stabbed in the leg by one of the enemies (Roluman) and then shoved into what had looked like a teleported. He was then beamed back in time and found himself in the present situation. So finally Mohehi tells Spock how they got here and before they can talk any further, Kirana comes out and announces that it was supper time. She made what appeared to be a Vulcan cuisine (with earth ingredients for substitutes). This worries Mohehi at first, thinking Kirana had figured out what Spock was. (He had covered up most of Spock’s strange traits. The ears where probably a genetic mutation which he was born with, the color of his skin and shape of his eyes were probably due to the fact he was Asian. And lastly the green “blood”. In which Mohehi insisted that Spock had been painting something and when he was injured the paint must have spilled on his leg. (Not great explanations but Kirana had never questioned Mohehi before.)) But Kirana says she made this dish because Spock reminded her of one of the “mythological creatures” that her grandfather had told her about. Mohehi asked how she learned this recipe in which she confesses that she had found some of Mohehi’s old notes (Notes he took while he was exploring space. He wrote about all his encounters with great detail .) Which she figured had been his idea of a story book. But she had remembered reading about one dish that Mohehi had tried while on Vulcan and rather enjoyed, so he wrote the recipe down. –
Anyways (sorry I’m really detailed
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