BE: Kai D' Alas Picture

Name: Kai D' Alas

Age: 17

D.O.B: 12/12

Gender:  Male

Blood Type:  AB

Weight/Height:  127lb. / 5'6"

Species:  Human

Rank: Page

Meister: Dragoon/ Aria

Personality:  Kai is a very proper young man. He has a schedule that he makes every morning and will follow it to the T on almost everyday. He will be very pissed off if he's behind schedule mind you. Kai has a time for everything including his exercise time (which done preferably alone) and knife throwing practice.

Knows nothing of the modern young boys' activities of watching tv, playing video games, or lazing around. He isn't out-right mean to people, but will openly voice his opinions of others. Usually those opinions aren't exactly nice, but Kai does it without the intention of being rude. He just has no idea he's being rude.

He does cook a lot for his meals, but usually ends up making more. Which Kai doesn't mind if others eat it. That is if they ask nicely and doesn't stink and wasn't annoying while preparing it and didn't try to steal some of it while cooking and etc.

- Roasted Seaweed
- Green
- Eyebrows (usually thick ones)
- Salads
- Cooking
- Properness
- Reading

- Manual labor
- Buying food
- Bugs
- Guns
- Super Tall People (stahp it)
- Smelly stuffs (mostly people, shower please)
- Lazy People
- People Really

- Knows how to gauge a distance around a demon that keeps him far from melee range yet allows him to circle around throwing knives to grab attention. He's a quick thrower, but while he has swiftness he lacks complete accuracy.
- Kai has a strong sense of memory from his various "surprise" exams from his tutors and father. However while he has a lot of information he mostly knows the generalities of certain things and not how they affect demons specifically.
- Follows orders well to the T. Kai rarely likes to deviate from the original command and it takes a lot of convincing for him to deviate.

- Socially awkward, in that he doesn't know how to "chill" with others.
- Voices his opinions openly (rude or- no, just rude ones because he doesn't know how to compliment people)
- Thinks he's right most of the time, which really is all the time.
- OCD about everything having it's place.
- Also has little to no experience of technology other than the appliances in the kitchen. He's never had a computer, phone or tv of his own. They don't have them in his home since his father absolutely detest them because he's convinced that they do nothing to benefit.

Kai was born into a well-off family of politicians. He was the only son and heir of the familyHe has two older sisters, Lissandra and Ashe, and a father. They're 2 years apart from each other with Lissandra as the eldest with Kai 4 years younger than Ashe. His mother, Trischa, died giving birth to Kai.

From the earliest memory of Kai's, his father was not one to be affectionate. The man was always out of the manor in favour of dealing business with politics. That left Kai and his sisters at home a lot. However they were not just idling for their father to return. Instead they had multiple tutors that taught the siblings day in and day out.

The three were taught gymnastics. At first just for the girls, but since Kai was born he too was incorporated into the program. They were taught mythology, folklore of various cultures, politics and rhetoric. Each were also taught in a specific weapon type. Lissandra favoured a sword while Ashe garnered a bow. They fit the sister's personalities well. Where Lissandra likes to be up in people's faces while Ashe likes to keep her distance. The two were opposites in mostly everything whereas Kai found himself in the middle, even though he wasn't the middle child. Kai's personal weapon of choice were throwing knives. A blend of closeness and distance.

The three never questioned why they needed to know how to use these weapons but Kai's sisters complained all the time. They didn't understand the need when girls their age didn't. Normally it was left at complaining, mainly from Lissandra, but both were aggravated when they were banned from attending that year's winter ball due to them failing that week's surprise exam. At the night of the ball both planned on attending by escaping the Manor. However they needed someone to help them back into the property which they persuaded Kai into doing. All Kai needed to do was for him reset their secret entrance along the outer wall of the D' Alas property. 

Their first obstacle was the Manor's walls that stood a good 20 feet up. Fortunately for the siblings their training in gymnastics and Ashe's grappling arrow made it a cake walk for them to scale the wall. The three ran 3 miles out from the Manor walls before taking a breather. It was at that moment that became their undoing. Unbeknownst to the siblings there were a horde of Chuchis heading straight towards them. They didn't notice anything until they heard a steady hum becoming louder. Alarmed the three stood up thinking they got caught from the Manor servants, but were quickly relieved that it wasn't. However their relief was short lived when the Chuchis started feeding. Instantly the three tried to fight off this swarm but Kai and Ashe could literally do nothing against these small targets in the middle of the night. The only one efficiently fighting against them was Lissandra as she can hit them with her sword. Knowing this, Lissandra ordered her younger siblings to scale the outer wall first. The two didn't want to leave her alone, but begrudingly complied when the swarm became more frenzied. 

Kai and Ashe reached the outer wall and scaled it quickly to avoid the bites of Chuchi that managed to follow them. Wide-eyed and bloodied the two siblings sat ontop of the high wall, waiting for Lissandra. Morning quickly came but Lissandra never came. Only their father came that morning to retrieve them. They found Lissandra's body later that afternooon. Still and quiet. It shook something in the remaining D' Alas family. Their father explained the reasoning behind their training and teachings were to ensure that they weren't thrust into the world of Exorcists without knowledge. Both Kai and Ashe vowed to each other that they will pursue diligently in their trainings not for their father but for Lissandra because she gave up her life for theirs. They knew that the only way to live in this new world was to keep fighting. Their tutors eventually resigned to pursue full-time as field exorcists again, as they only stayed to teach Kai and Ashe the fundamentals. Without their tutors anymore Kai and Ashe sought out another way to continue their training. Their father suggested True Cross Academy and Ashe agreed and entered the Academy's ranks. Kai was too young to join just yet so he stayed with his father learning the family business, but once he was old enough he was applying to the Academy to join his sister in their fight against demons.

Accessories/Weapons: Kai has two sets of throwing knives. One set has a circle at the opposite side of its tip, acting as a finger hole. This set is prodiminately used for Kai to quick throw them by snatching them out of the pouch quickly through the finger hole. The second set is in a form of diamonds that have two grooves. The grooves are placed to ensure that if the demon decides to take it out, it will do more damage to itself pulling it out. These are heavier than the first set and are used to deal the most damage.

These can be used in combination of the first set's knives. Kai needs to aim at the finger hole with the second knife type for the combination to work. If done correctly the combination forces the finger-holed knive to leave the target's body due to the diamond knife being thrown at the hole. If Kai has set-up the target with enough finger-holed knives, he can easily set off multiple combinations. The only thing that Kai has yet to master with this combination is consistency. He's never tried this technique on a mobile target before, as he's been banned from fighting demons until he has a team, so his accuracy in a real battle for this combination will be slim. He will probably bring himself into danger trying to set off this combination.

Additional Info: 
- Is secretly a history buff.
- Is secretly in love with fluffy things.
- Terrified of bugs.

Mother: Trischa, Disceased
Older Sister: Lissandra, Disceased
Older Sister: Ashe, A Dragoon Exorcist (Lower-Second Class)

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- Notes (most preferred)
- Chats
- Skype: Icey5670


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