Otherworlde, 2nd Year: Cressida Hawthorn Picture

Basic Information
Name: Cressida Hawthorn
Age: 19
Height: approximately 5’5”, but she tries to appear taller
Species: Human (witch)

Note: I did not have time to draw her again, due to real-life academics, but I did do some color touch-ups (so now you can tell her hair is blonde again, yay). I don't think she's changed that much physically, anyway.

Academic Information
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: PTS 201, PTS 202, PTS 203
Passed Classes: PTS 102, PTS 103
Experience: 348

Personal Information
-Learning, research, and experimentation. Academic curiosity is one of Cressida’s driving forces.
-Children (and cute things in general). Cressida is very protective of “the little ones”, although she does not like to admit it.
-Flying. Cressida can fly on a broomstick, although she’s not particularly good at it.
-Classical music and folk music
-Poisonous and medicinal plants
-“Creepy” animals, which she thinks are cute
-Very strong tea
-Classic literature and poetry (well, most of it)

-People who are lazy, unintelligent, and/or insincere
-Romance. Cressida generally finds it either stupid or difficult to understand.
-Flirting and innuendo, an extension of her dislike of romance.
-Practical jokes, although Cressida does actually have a sense of humor.
-The beach, and hot weather in general.
-Losing, failing, or looking stupid, even if no one is watching.

-Never being accepted and never having friends. She will NEVER admit this.
-Not being respected

-High intelligence
-Protectiveness, more so than she would care to admit.

-Secretly very insecure about her abilities
-Vengefulness and unwillingness to forgive, even when it is not justified.
-Not very tactful

-Minor control over plants. As Cressida increases in strength and experience, she will be able to further control this ability. She can, however, completely control the thorny vines on her hat and sleeve, and she uses them as a weapon.
- Magical Photosynthesis. Cressida can, with concentration, absorb solar energy via photosynthesis. This turns her skin green. Due to this ability, she doesn’t need to eat as much as a normal person. However, she cannot use other magic effectively while she is doing this.
-Flight. Well, on a broomstick, anyway. She crashes into things a lot.

Goals: To learn and study as much as possible, to find people who will accept her, and to further control her magical abilities. Additionally, she wants to get revenge on her father, if she ever meets him again…

Personality: Cressida is clever and analytical, and usually keeps her emotions hidden. However, she becomes very enthusiastic while learning and studying, as well as in the presence of cute things. She also tends to show anger and irritability instead of hiding it. She finds it difficult to trust people until she knows them very well, and can be quite cynical. She is very studious, and usually serious (and rather uptight as well). However, she does have a hidden sense of humor, and she is not shy. Cressida is much better at dealing with things than with people, so she tries to think of people as things. However, she finds this quite difficult, and is actually much more protective and caring than she lets on. She certainly isn't a bad witch… she just isn’t usually a very nice witch.

History: Cressida was always a bit strange as a child, even before her parents discovered her magical abilities. Not only was Cressida surprisingly mature and completely unfazed by death and “scary” things, she was also a living magnet for strange occurrences. Freak storms, ghost sightings and similar unexplained phenomena occurred around Cressida, who was never bothered by any of it at all. Although Cressida’s mother simply accepted this, her father and her friends became increasingly unnerved by her latent supernatural abilities.
When Cressida was twelve, her plant-magic abilities fully manifested. Her father, who was very afraid of the supernatural, couldn’t stand being around Cressida and her powers any longer, and left her and her mother. This event made Cressida become distrustful of people and of romantic relationships, and she became rather isolated from society. Although Cressida never considered her father’s actions to be her fault, she is surprisingly insecure, worrying that she will never be accepted and that she will never be “good enough”.
When Cressida turned 18, she left home and decided to search for other people with similar abilities. She found the OtherWorlde Academy, as magic-users often do. She enrolled as a student, seeing the academy as not only an opportunity to learn magic and learn about her own powers, but also a place where she can finally be accepted.

After her first year at OtherWorlde, Cressida became a bit more social, making friends with a few other students (most notably Talia Flourish). Now that she was among magical beings, some much stranger than Cressida herself, she was no longer the “odd one” and found it much easier both to be accepted and to accept and tolerate others. She hasn’t lost her defensive nature or her almost obsessive desire to prove herself, but she has become a bit more secure. Now that she’s begun to study magic academically instead of just practicing her powers, she has become absolutely fascinated with the nature of magic itself. She wants to find out why some humans are gifted with magical abilities, as well as possibly manipulate those factors to grant magical powers to non-magical individuals.

Misc. Information:
-Cressida speaks with a Received Pronunciation English accent.
-Cressida’s broomstick was originally an ordinary old-fashioned broomstick that she could only fly because of her powers. It is, however, developing its own magical properties. If she flies it for too long, it starts sprouting leaves and little branches, and she has to prune it occasionally.
-Despite her affinity for plants and interest in potions, Cressida is a horrible cook.
-She swears using Greek mythological references (oh, Styx. Oh, bloody Acheron) and Latin words (stercus!).
-The font used as her “handwriting” is Mistral.
-Her outfit is actually a costume that she bought in a costume shop.

Roleplay Information
Chatroom Availability: Not very frequent. I will try to be there for anything important if I am informed ahead of time. I do have college, though, so it might be difficult. I prefer note roleplaying.

IM Availability: I don’t have Skype. I do like roleplaying in notes and comments, though, and non-real-time roleplaying will be much easier for me during college.

How did you find OtherWorlde?: Via dAhub. I just watched the group for a while, and then decided it was awesome and that I wanted to join.

Script Sample:
Cressida: *closes a large book with a snap* So, mandrakes and deadly nightshade are actually in the same taxonomic family as tomatoes, then… I like that. Right, I need to get-- *is knocked over by another student, running to get to class* Ack! You idiot… Watch where you’re running! You’re going to pay for that! *flings the briar on her sleeve down the corridor at the running student*

Paragraph Sample:
Cressida swooped down towards the ground on her broomstick and alighted on the cobblestones. “Ha-HA! Didn’t crash!” she shouted triumphantly, to no one in particular. She didn’t travel with anyone. She didn’t have anyone to travel with. “The book was certainly right about the ‘fog and ice’ bit,” she murmured under her breath. “I’m glad I brought a coat and scarf.” The young witch critically surveyed the buildings of the academy, determining if her effort was worth it. “Oh, that’s fantastic,” she breathed, grinning. Enthusiasm began to creep into her voice. “Oh, I’m going to learn so much! I’m going to be brilliant here!” Cressida laughed, sounding a bit more evil than she had intended. Not that it mattered. The campus certainly looked evil, too, but this is the place she chose. This is where she, Cressida Jocasta Hawthorn, had wanted to go. And she had finally arrived. As the witch walked towards the central building of the academy, she looked at her broomstick. Leafy twigs had sprung up all over the handle, and they had started to curl around the bags attached to it. “Oh, stercus. I definitely have to prune this thing again…”


Talia Flourish: One of the few people at the academy that Cressida considers a true friend. Although Talia’s naïveté and silliness can be a bit irritating to Cressida, and she isn’t afraid to let Talia know, she likes Talia a lot and doesn’t feel that she has to keep her guard up around her. Talia appears to have gone missing, and Cressida misses her but doesn't show it.

Ruffian Lockhurst: Cressida considers him more of a “business partner” than anything else, and has a tendency to be a bit rude towards him, but she respects him much more than she would care to admit and would like to work with him again in the future.

Pet: She likes Pet, but thinks he’s very mysterious. Although she has seen his hopes and dreams, she would like to find out more about him. She would also like to help him achieve his goal of restoring the Dream Trees.

Ruby Voclain: Although Cressida doesn’t know Ruby very well, she does like her. She likes the fact that Ruby is very silly, but also very intelligent. She’d be quite happy to get to know her better.

Helmy: Cressida knows how brilliant Professor Helmy is and respects him a LOT, but she’s still too insecure to ever directly tell him. She seeks his approval and his respect, but she is very worried about what he might think of her. She does, however, hope to surpass him eventually, but she’s not sure if she can. Cressida knows that she’s very smart and very competent, but she uses him as a standard of measurement for “good enough”.

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