Kingdom of Heaven image Picture

Unfashionably late in its posting, here is the image I drew to complement my mythography "Journey to the Kingdom of Heaven".

Yes, those Chinese characters up at the top are the kanji for the one and only Nintendo Co., Ltd. I didn't learn any of them in my Intensive Kanji Study class, so writing them here was sort of an extracurricular project, you might say. I outlined the shapes in pencil first before filling them in with a felt-tip pen, but even so I noticed afterward that one or two of the stroke shapes aren't correct. Also, I should never have added those conjunctions at the bottom of the image; they just look out of place in a composition like this. Speaking of which, aside from those top kanji, everything here is colored pencil.

Fun fact: I drew this image the morning before the afternoon class session it was due. In another reality, I finished the story with days to spare and drew a completely different image that featured characters instead.
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