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Well seems it was a good time to fill this meme (which you can find here ) . This is what has influenced me and still influences on my art and keeps it evolving and etc. Now comes obligatory explanation of everything and such, going from biggest to smallest.

Mega man : Gee what a biggie right? I love Megaman, it's the first game I played and pretty much the only games I could buy when growing up, they feel pretty amazing in concept and depth despite it being capcom's most awfully handled franchise. They got a big purpose gamewise and a huge immersive world to see and derive anything. Pretty much all my inspiration can come from here.

Hirohiko Araki: The mangaka of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As of this writing It's only been a year since I've been up to date with the current chapters and managed to read all the 8 parts, and I loved it all. You can feel so much inspiration in this work and so much passion. The concepts, the characters, the powers, the designs, and overall the colors used to present everything. This guy rarely uses the "original" colors and comes up with amazing compositions and colors, and as of part 7 his drawing style has achieved such an interesting approach. I haven't seen characters and places so detailed (even though some parts get way too messy from the screentones unfortunately), but this guy is inspiration incarnated.

Game Art: I haven't really been introduced to concept art for games until later years on my life, but I felt astonished by how people created these cool sketches of various ideas for a single character and amazing enviroments that they did lighting fast, it blew my mind away and, in college, decided this is what I wanted to do and specialize myself in. I want to collect so many artbooks from games and learn from not only the games, but from the artists themselves and see what they are capable of and how they put their ideas on speedpaintings.

Capcom Artbooks: I love me some capcom art, they usually have a plethora of amazing sketches and ideas for even the simplest of games.

Magic: The Gathering: I started playing Magic 2 years ago. And despite not playing it so often now (last time I played was halloween!) , I still keep tabs on the latest expansions and sets to come up, because I fell in love with the art they show in the cards and the amazing concepts of worlds, stories, characters and magic they show through simple meager cards. If you don't play Magic, the art is still a very good reason to collect these cards.

S.A. McGowan: aka `sambees. This pretty much extends to Stephan and Hunter ( `dapper-owl ) . Both their art pretty much is my all time favorite on deviantart. Their sketches, concepts, grasp of art in general pushed me forward in an amazing way when I was new in college and motivated me to try so many styles, and leave behind my boring anime style from back then and try my hand at realism and semi-realism as well as any other stylized stuff.

Ayami Kojima: Better known as the main artist for many Castlevania games, like Symphony of the Night, Lament of Innocence, Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow, etc. The fact that she's self taught is amazing, considering all she puts on her artwork. It's so rich in color, story and detailing.

~IgorKieryluk : One of the many amazing artists mostly known from Magic, he is my overall favorite artist of them all. His style of playing both with painterly textures, low values and shifting between neutral colors and vivid colors is something I always look forward to in his illustrations, and I learned so much from just viewing and studying his art.

Symbolism: Kind of an abstract concept, but something I love in illustration is seeing how much symbolism one can show in a picture and how it can reinforce a picture. Not only in illustration, but in characters themselves too, like their names, clothing, or even actions. I always try to carefully include any of this in any character I started creating lately and I've been more daring with symbolism in my illustrations lately.

Religion: Sort of an extension of symbolism. A theology class in high school went quickly from boring catholic stuff I've knew from all my life to exploring and learning from religions of all over the world. Their symbolism, their art, their sculptures, their mythology and traditions blew my mind, it's something that while not really shown on my art, is something I always keep researching for characters, specific art I make or stories in development.

Visual Kei: This is a weird entry, but I can't deny its influence haha. Visual Kei is pretty much a musical movement in japanese rock and metal bands to emphasize beauty,coordination and presentation of the band and everything with any new concept or abum they release. It's usually pretty androgenous and I see a lot of bands with sorta shitty generic looks, but eh , that's just me. This movement rocked my socks when I was a teen, and a lot of concepts for characters, stories and ideas for drawings came directly from visual kei bands. It still does to some point now. I distanced myself from this some time ago, but I still stick around with few favorite bands to see their concepts and let their creativity insprie me. Such bands are D, Versailles, Moi dix Mois, Matenrou Opera, Rentrer en Soi and Lacroix Despheres.

Akihiko Yoshida: This has been a new one, he's the main artist behind all the games from the Ivalice Alliance (FF12, FF Tactics, Vagrant Story, etc) , FF14, Tactics Ogre, Bravely Default, etc. Let me say this guy is genius doing character design, his style is so rich and recognizable. The way he uses heavy stylization of characters and the colors he uses are so beautiful. I would kill to have artbooks by this guy.

Colors: Oh gee another surprise. I love colors, I love vivid colors. I love playing with them, I love how they can turn a picture completely around with just changing one color to another, its theory and meanings is something that I cherish so much. I LOVE COLORS (⊙‿⊙✿)
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