Laurel tree Picture

I edited Cedar wood into Laurel. I fail at the limbs

Laurel tree

Q.Royal or Rebel?
A. Rebel, I do like trees but I don't want to be one!

A.15, but people say I look 14, is that good or bad?

Q. Favourite Class?
A. Animal Training and care, we get to go in the woodland and most of the animals are Cute and Joyful!

Q. Least favourite class
A. Science, why do I need to take this class? Its all unnatural and I am always afried I'm going to posien the teacher.

Q. Magic Touch?
A. I can talk to trees! They are always good to find out all the latest gossip or if there is any secrets chats I should know of.

Q. Oh curses moment?
A. If I stay in the same place to long I start turning into a tree, I hate curses.

Q.Favourite food?
A. Most fruit and Veg

A.April 7th

Q.Best friend forever after?
A. Feather inventor, We are both myths after all.

Q. Romance status?
A. If only there was a boy that knew how I felt.... I'm single..

Q.Room mate?
A. Feather inventor.

Laurel tree (C) JinxyF
Everafterhigh (c) Mattle
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