Gram II Picture

Gram II ( The Dragon of Glittering Heath )

After killing Lyngi, Sigurd and Regin went to Glittering Heath. Realising that Fafnir is not easy to kill as only the underside of the dragon is vulnerable, since the rest of its body is covered by impenetrable scales; they devised a plan. Sigurd dug a pit to hide himself in and conceal the opening with twigs and leaves atop of it. Regin would serve as distraction to lure Fafnir out of his cave. As he moves over the pit, Sigurd immediately thrust Gram right into his belly, killing him instantly. Fafnir was transformed back to his original human self upon death.

Regin seeing his brother regaining his human form decided to bury him. Sigurd naturally will not assist Regin in the burial as Fafnir has also collaborated in the death of his father. While burying his brother, Regin muttered to himself about how he's going to drugged and kill Sigurd after he fell asleep, and how he's going to get hold of Gram and possessed the treasure that's rightfully his. All this were heard by the birds nearby.

That night whilst Sigurd was asleep, Regin stealthily got into the room and plunged a dagger right at his heart. But before the tip of the dagger could reached Sigurd, he had already grab hold of his wraist. Sigurd revealed to Regin that he was unsuccessful in drugging him as the birds had told him of his plan. He was able to communicate and understood the birds after he put on the ring which he had found amongst the treasures. This ring was known as the ring of Andvaranaut, which allows its wearer to understand the languages of the animals. Sigurd let Regin off remembering that he was afterall his tutor and foster-father. He also gave half of the Rhinegold to him.

The birds also told him about a beautiful warrior maiden of the Valkyrie, who was being punished by the God Odin for her disobedience. She would be destined to marry a mortal and shall sleep at the mountaintop; the place was encircled by a ring of fire. This place is known as Hindfell and the maiden's name is Brynhild. Sigurd therefore sets out to Hindfell in search of love and further adventures.

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