Do you have...butterflies? Picture

His cheeks flushing slightly from his marble complexion to a soft rose, Talus quickly leaned forward and placed a small kiss on Carrie's cheek, pulling away almost as fast as he had moved in. Carrie's face practically glowed a bright red at this sudden, and somewhat uncharacteristic action, her chocolate-brown eyes widening, as if her friend had just sprouted another head, or something equally as shocking. But Talus merely smiled sweetly at the younger cyborg, which might have surprised Carrie even more than the kiss had. It was perhaps the most dazzling smile that she had ever seen, and probably the first real, genuine smile she had seen on the boy. It was as if he had remember what it was to be human. "What's wrong, Melpomene?" Talus asked, a bit of teasing in his tone, repeating the line she had said not too long ago. "Do you have...butterflies?"


D'awwwwwwww~ Talus and Carrie are just too damn cute! With all the seriousness of Broken Heart, a little fluff was definitely a must. ^_^
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