DrG - Amir Khakwani Picture

Name: Amir Khakwani
Year: Sophomore
Age: 16
Race: Abarimon
From: New Yorick City, New Yorick, USA
Amir is a sophomore abarimon from New Yorrick City. His parents, Ali and Fatima Khakwani, a wealthy Pakistani family, moved to the US when Amir was only two years old. When he turned 14 they placed him at Dr. Goodenough’s, just like they will with his two younger sisters when they turn 14. He is quite a loner and spends most of his time in the stables. He excel in biology and loves raw sheep-steak.

Race Info:
The Abarimon are a middle-eastern people. Their feet are backwards, and they have eight fingers and toes. They have a special link to animals, making them understand them better. They eat only meat, often raw.


Second student of Dr. Goodenough's. Yes, his feet are turned backwards, and yes, he has too many fingers. He is an abarimon [link]

Figured out a way to get the lineart much better in paint.net so no damn white/grey pixels in this one. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the coloring on his skin, though. It feels like there's too little contrast. Well well...

Amir, Dr. Goodenough's (C)
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