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Another OMG moment I have had just recently on reading some papers on the latest thinking about evolution.

The article mentioned hereunder, is representative of the immense confusion of science in their many layers of differences of opinion, even in the “Proven beyond a reasonable doubt” category.

In this particular piece, it appears that Darwin has been totally misunderstood once again, as merely the bee all and end all of knowledge about the evolution of me and you and them and not the foundation stone to open the doors to other out of the box ideas to help our future generation towards their amazing kinds of potentials.

An amazing man in his time and place with an amazing mind Charles Darwin observed and learned and tried to understand me and where I came from and how I evolved and grew and why and how.

All the brains that came after, either try to refute or uphold his teachings that were supposed to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt…that is why there was such an uproar from the religious community, when they discovered that “Gods Plan” was not the same as their elevated and egotistical and limited idea of it all.

And now it seems…not much more has been added onto that uproar of doubt in the minds of seven billion and more human beings and the yearning to know it all before doing the hard yards of learning it all and understanding it all and proving it all beyond a reasonable doubt, like Charles Darwin did in his particular area of expertise which resulted in out of the box thinking to such an extent, that it actually changed the entire mindsets of entire communities as well as our planet in remarkable ways, some many long years ago, in his humble experiments that even had his wife hiding her head in shame at his apparent insanity in the eyes of their family and community and nation.

Since then, the never ending debate of who is right and who is wrong in the scientific community, rages on and on and on.

No wonder the intolerant and bigoted mindsets of the rest of humanity flourish in all the conspiracy theories and religions and cults out there….because they actually agree enough on one particular thing like “We Hate the Government” or we hate a particular person for having a particular different kind of viewpoint, even if it is not proven.

So, to reiterate my point of view, from the very lowest rung upon the ladder of the least to the most brainy of us all in the dreadful halls of rhetoric and ego, I repeat once again:

Charles Darwin showed me my humble beginnings and gave me hope for my children of the future, who will carry the human species towards their ultimate and absolute evolution.

Now that I am alive in 2012 and he is dead, not having seen the future that I am in….I am certain that if he had experienced this so called “smart and civilized and very intelligent world” that I live in, he probably would have caused another uproar by pointing out that the human being is the youngest mammal to have evolved upon this planet and may not be at the height of its intelligent potentials. (ie; The whales have a lot to teach human beings about being nice to each other as well as many other animals that are kind to their babies)

He probably would have pointed out that a family of mice or flies or little hamsters or bunnies or chimpanzees, with a daddy and a mommy and 2.5 little babies, would probably be a lot kinder to each other than a lot of human families out there, which is proof indeed of which species is more evolved than which.

And so we sit and contemplate ourselves, on our little anthills of being in the middle of nowhere and must admit that we are the most ignorant of all the species thus evolved upon this planet, because we use and abuse our own children and their future in our attempts to control our present for power and prestige and profit.

We think that because we can make very smart machines, it means that we are smart and getting smarter.

In my opinion, if we were smart, there would not be one little child born upon this planet without a guaranteed birthright to health and safety in our smart world, because the children of our species is the only future that we have to evolve towards.

That means reaching out to the lost tribes in dark forests and other children, who live such brutal and short lives without knowledge and learning and access to health and safety or any hope for their children to have a better future, and we give them a hand and help them to greet the new millennium, like decent and kind neighbors in one big global family of like minded mess.

In order to make this reality, the human brain must evolve a lot more and grow those little seeds in the ‘Love Spot’, not the ‘God Spot’ in their withering brainy dendrite trees with its rotten golden apples of synapses and other sparkly baubles that decay with neglect, to reach the goal of caring enough for their own species in order to evolve the future for the benefit of all.

And this is the tragedy of shiny and polished and smart technology today; No one is looking for the Love Spot, or the kind spot, or the connected spot of nice mess in the misunderstood dendrite tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the brains of the human species.

We still must use ourselves and our future generations in hit and miss scenario’s of cannon fodder to evolve in more intelligent ways, like we always have done, since our mother Africa grew a brain of loving kindness for her children and did not throw them to the wolves to save herself like we do today in the search for the holy grail of longevity or smarter toys to play with or ways to make others bow down and kiss our arses in the self interest of power and prestige and profit.
If only we can make our children our first selection, instead of leaving them to the last cold hearted natural selection of nature to disease and damage and harmful short lived lives of great horror.

In the event surprising of that ever happening sometime somehow and somewhere, that would indicate a definite and proven beyond a reasonable doubt kind of evolution of the brain of the human species, in my opinion.

Maybe the future generations of our global children will then be able to grow the biological neural network of connecting brain waves that will connect them all to the great big know it all brain wave out there somewhere that words cannot describe in this day and age, instead of the limited historically hysterical visions of our ancient mythological and primitive ancestors who preferred death to take away the sting of having a primitive brain with no self gain, in the hopes that the great big know it all would take pity upon them and send an instant singularity of intelligence and connectivity to itself in the absolute cold hearted mess of death where the only the right survive and the wrong dont.

The article I refer to, can be obtained somewhere on the www. It is written by a very brainy person called David Sloan Wilson and is titled : “Richard Dawkins, Edward O. Wilson, and the Consensus of the Many”
Source: ETVOL Exclusive
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