Mathias Beamont Barrington Picture

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Mathias (sometimes Matthias) Beaumont Barrington, a 17th century English vampire, born of French ancestors and sired by a ancient vampric being. He is 400 human years, and is forever within the body of a 27 year old man. He is of Catholic background.

He was once married to a human blood slave of his sire, named Lillith, and he sired her and together they produced a dhampir child. Their marriage was a secret, his loyalty ment for his sire only, and as punishment his wife and child were murdered.

In present day, he lives within the mansion of his sire, a "guilt ridden" gift which was given to him after the death of his family. He has remained a lone wolf ever since.

Inspired by the books of Ann Rice; meaning my interpretation of a vampire is not afraid of holy aritifacts; he wears a crucifix around his neck as a reminder of his past. He is not shunned instinctively from church.

He, unlike modern day vampire lore, can move around in the sunlight; which was noted in Bram Stoke Dracula's novel as well. Though, because of the popular notion that vampires can breed with humans, I have allowed the "dhampir" off spring.
Character (c) Oscillum
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